Proven Success Strategies from Women Petpreneurs: Actionable + Inspiring Advice

On the Wear Wag Repeat Podcast, I cover a wide range of themes. On solo episodes and interviews with women petpreneurs, we explore the possibilities and share strategies that can revolutionize your pet business. 

As we approach 300 episodes I thought it would be valuable to share the top success principles I’ve learned from women petpreneur guests on the podcast. 

I’ve interviewed some of the top women in the pet industry. But if you wanted to listen to every episode, it would take you 146 hours! 

I know you don’t have that kind of time… after all, you’re growing a pet business of your own. 

So, I did you a favor and pulled 10 of the most impactful lessons I’ve learned from my guests. 

In this post and accompanying solo episode, you’ll discover 5 proven success principle from women petpreneurs, so make sure to grab the download for all 10. I have it embeded a few times in this post to make it easy for you to fetch!

Each lesson includes two quotes from my petpreneur guests. One is actionable advice you can implement in your pet business now. And the other is an inspirational quote – because I’m inspired by each of these guests and I know you will be, too!

So… save yourself 146 hours and check out this resource I made for you. Listen to the episode, read below and grab the expanded guide with all 10 lessons! 

Women in the Pet Industry Petpreneur

Top Business Lessons I’ve Learned from Women in the Pet Industry

This guide gathers together the top lessons I’ve learned while hosting the Wear Wag Repeat Podcast. I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing hundreds of women in all areas of the pet industry

 Each unique concept that I identify here will help you grow and innovate your pet business. 

The 10 Business Lessons from Women Petpreneurs Include:

  1. The Importance of Understanding Your Business Financials
  2. Pricing Principles and the Psychology Behind Them
  3. Pivoting Your Business Model from Products to Teaching
  4. Commit to Your Passion and Trust Your Instincts 
  5. Understand What Your Customer Wants 
  6. Grab the free download for lessons 6 – 10! 

Lesson 1: Understand Your Business Financials

From Wear Wag Repeat Podcast Episode 102: Susan Briggs of The Dog Gurus

Grasping the financials of your business is critical. As Susan Briggs, a pet industry business coach, mentions, “Pet business owners often overlook the importance of monitoring their financials… understand your costs and how they relate to revenue streams.” 

She emphasizes how, as an entrepreneur, you should comprehend your financial systems and ensure that the pricing structure aligns with your services. Of course, you also want to provide top-notch service! 

When you invest in the overall safety and well-being of the pets and people in your organization, it leads to happier customers who trust that their pets are in capable hands.

Actionable advice: When evaluating the various elements of your business you need to, “understand their cost and how those costs relate to the different revenue streams that you may offer. It really comes down to making sure you’re priced right for your services and what you’re providing.”

Inspirational Quote: “A lot of people got into this industry because they love the dogs, but to stay in business, you have to watch your numbers.”

Lesson 2: Explore the Psychology of Pricing

From Wear Wag Repeat Podcast Episode 184: Julie Swan of The Honest Dog Breeder

The pricing of products and services plays a crucial role in attracting the right customers and shaping how they see the value in what your provide. Take it from Julie Swan, founder of The Honest Dog Breeder

Offering lower-priced options can attract customers who may be impressed with any extra effort or service provided, leading to positive testimonials and feedback. 

On the other hand, setting a price that reflects the value of your expertise, effort, and quality ensures that you attract informed customers who understand and appreciate your work. 

Actionable advice: “Starting with lower-priced services can attract customers who will be impressed with any extra effort or service provided. These customers can provide testimonials and honest feedback, which can be invaluable for your business. So, don’t underestimate the power of offering affordable options to attract and retain customers at the start.”

Inspirational Quote: “Informed people appreciate the effort and quality that goes into your work. By setting a price that reflects the value you provide, you not only attract the right customers who understand and appreciate your work, but you also ensure that people value the puppies they take home. It’s about creating a business that not only fulfills your customers’ dreams but also contributes to having more well-bred dogs in the world.”

After exploring the psychology of pricing from Julie, consider how you can apply these insights to your business. 

Remember, the full list of 10 proven success principles in my downloadable guide includes even more strategies to help you refine your pricing and increase your business’s value. Don’t wait… grab your copy now and start making informed pricing decisions today!

Lesson 3: From Dog Bakery Business to Online Courses

From Wear Wag Repeat Podcast Episode 170: Minyoung Morita of Dog Bakery Academy

Minyoung Morita, the founder of Dog Bakery Academy, has created an innovative concept to teach others her expertise in starting and running a successful dog bakery business

With her online course, Dog Bakery Academy, Minyoung equips aspiring business owners with the necessary knowledge and skills to thrive in the pet industry. 

By sharing her expertise and experiences, Minyoung empowers future dog bakery owners to provide healthy and fun treats for dogs while building thriving businesses of their own. 

Actionable advice: “If you want to teach what you’re doing, or if you’re thinking about making a course or teaching people how to do what you do, start with your strengths, your skills, your experiences, and really understand that people do value that.”

Inspirational Quote: “It’s not really about the treats, it’s about the relationships and the bond you create with dog parents and the fur babies.” 

→ The journey from a physical dog bakery business to teaching online courses is a testament to the power of adapting and evolving in the pet industry. 

Curious about other innovative ways to expand your business? Discover more in the complete “Top 10 Proven Success Principles from Women Petpreneurs” guide. It’s filled with actionable insights to help your business grow and adapt in this dynamic industry.

Lesson 4: Commit to Your Passion and Trust Your Instincts 

From Wear Wag Repeat Podcast Episode 197: Katy and Shel of Pretty Fluffy

Katy and Shel are the dynamic duo behind the influential pet lifestyle website Pretty Fluffy. They candidly discuss their journey of business growth while acquiring the website and overcoming challenges in their roles as pet photographers and owners of Pretty Fluffy.  

They emphasize the importance of commitment to their passion, trusting their instincts, and being smart about approaching tasks. As entrepreneurs, they highlight the need to believe in ideas and fully commit to them, while also acknowledging the necessity of narrowing down to focus on specific niche areas. 

Actionable quote: “Being smart in approaching tasks means focusing on specific niche areas that you excel in, rather than trying to do everything.”

Inspirational quote: “Having a solid business strategy is like having a roadmap that guides your every move. It keeps you focused, helps you make decisions confidently, and increases your chances of achieving long-term success.”

Business Lessons from Women in the Pet Industry

Lesson 5: Survive the Start-Up Phase by Understanding What Your Customer Wants

From Wear Wag Repeat Podcast Episode 207: Lorien Clemens of PetHub

Lorien Clemens shares advice for launching a pet industry start up – first off, do your research! You may not be the first person with that brilliant idea. Although that’s not a dealbreaker, you need to know the landscape. 

Second, you need to know your audience to make sure your product or service is something they want and need. She says that if you are ready to dive in, start reaching out now to people in your niche to get feedback and build relationships in the pet community. 

Actionable quote: “Know your audience – research and understand their wants and needs before launching your product or service. Remember, it’s not about what you think your audience wants; it’s about understanding their desires and delivering a solution that addresses their pain points.”

Inspirational quote: “Community is about reaching out, connecting, and supporting one another. It’s the fabric that holds us together.”

→ Understanding your customer is crucial, but there’s so much more to running a successful pet business. In the complete guide of “Top 10 Proven Success Principles from Women Petpreneurs,” you’ll find additional wisdom and strategies that go beyond this blog post. There’s 5 more amazing women petpreneurs to inspire your next business move. 

Discover More Lessons from Women in the Pet Industry

Remember that each lesson shared here is just the tip of the iceberg. The pet industry is constantly evolving, and there’s always more to learn. 

Whether it’s understanding your finances, exploring pricing psychology, pivoting your business model, committing to your passion, or understanding your customer… these lessons from top women petpreneurs are invaluable. 

I also want to point out, they are not just theories. All the advice shared here is from proven strategies that have worked for these petpreneurs and can work for you too.

If these five lessons spark your interest, imagine what you could achieve with all ten of my greatest takeaways from my podcast guests!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make 2024 your most successful year yet in your pet business. Download the full resource of the “Top 10 Proven Success Principles from Women Petpreneurs” and start implementing these actionable tips. 

Your future self – and your furry clients and co-workers – will thank you!

If you’d like to work with me to reach your pet business goals, I have a variety of programs for petpreneurs. From Wear Wag Repeat Society, to 1-on-1 sessions and a Course Creator Mastermind. I try to offer something for everyone so I can help more petpreneurs live their dream life!

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