Podcast Episode 305: How To Set Prices In Your Pet Business: Julie Swan, Dog Breeder Society

In this episode, I’m bringing back one of my favorite guests, Julie Swan. She’s the founder of the Dog Breeder Society and she runs a successful business breeding German Shorthaired Pointers and Rat Terriers. Today we’re talking about how to set prices in your pet business. 

This conversation is full of financial tips that apply to any type of pet business. You’ll learn about the numbers you need to know in order to set your pricing, plus the one number that really doesn’t matter at all! Julie also gives us actionable steps to be more confident about our pricing.

I also loved hearing Julie’s insight on pricing gaps.

You know when you see someone who has a product for $5 and another for $500 with nothing in between. That’s a pricing gap and you want to avoid having that in your business. It makes customers doubtful of the value of both the cheaper item and the expensive item.

If you want to hear more of my insights into how I would implement Julie’s advice from this conversation, there’s an exclusive bonus episode for Wear Wag Repeat Society members. This year I’m releasing a new bonus episode every month with real examples of how I would implement each expert podcast guests’ advice. A lot of the time I’m walking the walk with this advice in my own business, so if you’re curious and want that extra insight, get on the waitlist for Wear Wag Repeat Society.

Membership opens for about a week at the start of each quarter – so the next chance to join is early April.

But today, here on this episode, we still have tons of valuable and actionable advice for you. Let’s dive right into the interview with Julie Swan.

Be More Confident Setting Prices in Your Pet Business

Julie Swan is a dog breeder and dog breeding business strategist. She is the Founder and CEO of the Dog Breeder Society, a monthly membership and community for dog breeders.

Through her community and individual or group coaching, she works with dog breeders of all breeds—seasoned or brand new—helping them to build an integrity-based, profitable business they love.

Julie is also the host of The Honest Dog Breeder Podcast, a show dedicated to the honest truth about breeding dogs. It’s not all rolling around in the grass with puppies!

In her home life in Southern Arizona, she breeds German Shorthaired Pointers and Rat Terriers. She has a daughter and son that she does homeschool with and she’s supported by an amazing, and terribly patient man. On weekends she’s out with the dogs cleaning kennels, hanging out with the kids on bike rides, or snuggling up for some homemade popcorn to watch a good origins movie.


  • Why pet business owners struggle with determining their pricing
  • The numbers you need to know to set prices in your pet business
  • How to factor in the cost of goods sold
  • Why competitor research is important for building confidence in your pet business
  • Why you need to define your dream customer
  • The vanity metric that doesn’t matter





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