The month that I celebrated 4 years of Wear Wag Repeat, I walked up on stage at a pet blogging conference and, with Lucy by my side, accepted the award for Best Pet Blog Design 2017. I would never have imagined that fate in the first few years of blogging. But last year, something changed and I decided to start taking this blog more seriously. In one year I have completely transformed my blog into a business. How exactly did I do that? Read on…

My Year Going From Blog to Biz

I subscribed to every online expert I could find and started consuming as much info as possible about being a professional blogger. Like did you realise that there are different web hosting sites such as HostiServer to help you get your blog out there? There are a load of different web hosting providers that you can use though, you just have to find the right one for you. So if you would prefer to use something like this certa hosting one, then go for it. When it comes to your blog you have to have the right thing for you. So if that means spending a bit of time thinking about it before you commit then do it.There are loads of things that you can do to make your blog as professional as possible. One day, I stumbled upon someone named Melyssa Griffin (maybe you’ve heard of her?) and all the amazing free resources she has on her site about how to grow your blog traffic, dominate your Pinterest account, get email subscribers and so much more. I learned so much from all her free advice that when I found out she was releasing an online course called Blog to Biz, I knew her paid content would be incredible!

It was an investment, but I bit the bullet and signed up for the course. I was immediately connected to a private Facebook group of other ambitious bloggers and side-hustlers like me who were all trying to turn their blogs into a business. Excitement built as we all got access to the recordings, presentations, research, guides and office hours that are part of the course. There’s A LOT of content! When I started posting regularly to my blog, I realized that I would have to implement some sort of digital marketing strategy to get lots of traffic on my posts. I could have contacted a reputable digital marketing company like Whitehat to do the work for me, but I learned about marketing myself and applied my new knowledge to my blog. When you first start a blog, you’ll be overwhelmed by technological terms and information that you’ve never heard of, but you do begin to get your head around it eventually! I promise!!

My Year Going From Blog To Biz

I know it sounds incredibly cheesy, but thanks to this course and the amazing resources Melyssa provides, I am truly living my dream today! I swear I’m not being dramatic! Here’s a little timeline so you can see what I’m talking about.

  • Signed up for Blog to Biz (June 2016)
  • Connected with Branded by Brit through the private FB group and underwent a total re-branding and re-design of my site (August 2016)
  • Revamped my highest traffic blog posts with new Pinterest graphics and email sign up forms (October 2016)
  • Hosted my first live webinar on DIY paw print Christmas ornaments (November 2016)
  • Earned my very first sponsored post revenue on my blog (December 2016)
  • Decided to “lean in” to the term Dog Mom Blogger and had it printed on new business cards, thanks to Melyssa’s advice to niche-down (January 2017)
  • Found out I was a finalist for Best Pet Blog Design at the Blog Paws Conference (March 2017)
  • Consistently working with brands on sponsored content for my blog and Instagram (April 2017)
  • Hit 10,000 followers on my Instagram account (April 2017)
  • Win Best Pet Blog Design at the Blog Paws Conference (May 2017)
  • Thanks to my award, I’m connected with PawCulture who hires me to create exclusive DIY videos for their site (July 2017)

To wrap it all up in a bow for you… thanks to Blog to Biz, I met Brit and we worked together to implement all the blog design strategies and tools that Melyssa recommends in the course. Thanks to that redesign, I won the award for Best Pet Blog Design. And thanks to that, I have secured a multi-video deal with a major pet website to create exclusive content for their site! It kinda blows me away that this is real life!

Making A Living With My Blog

To be completely transparent with you, I set a New Year’s resolution in January that I wanted to make $10,000 on my blog this year. in 2016 I made zero dollars on my blog, so that was an ambitious goal! I’m very excited to say that not only will I reach that goal, but it’s looking like I’m going to surpass it! I can’t thank Melyssa and the Blog to Biz community enough for making my dreams a reality.

It has been a ton of work, and I have cut back on other clients so that I can devote more time to Wear Wag Repeat. But I think it’s 100% worth it because it allows me to live out my dreams, which ultimately makes me happier and a much more positive impact on the people around me. If you want to feel like this too then I would encourage you to start blogging yourself, even if to start you Write for this sports blog, do whatever makes you happy. You just have to take that first step and who knows where you’ll go from there!

If you have been watching my journey, or even if you’re brand new to my blog and just love what you’re reading in this one post, then I suggest you sign up for the free video series Melyssa is hosting to re-launch the Blog to Biz Bootcamp!

Blog to Biz

This video series will give you a head stars to grow your audience and create a profitable blog. Learn the core strategies that will help you get more traffic, subscribers, and income. You’ll leave this free training with a SYSTEM that will grow your tribe and turn your blog into a buzzing, profitable business. Tune in a just accept that you’re going to get bit by the Blog to Biz bug and be as obsessed with Melyssa as I am! #majorfangirl

Whether you are a pet blogger, own a business, or are just getting started, there’s going to be so much for you to take away from this series and the course. The video training is the best brice (FREE), so it’s worth checking out! I can’t wait to hear what you think!

P.S. Both of the women who have made this success possible for me, Melyssa Griffin + Brittney Lopez, are amazing dog moms, too! We just have a way of sniffing each other out!

My Year from Blog to Biz with Dog Moms

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