DIY Personalized Dog Christmas Stockings [NO SEW TUTORIAL]

I get tons of views on my original DIY dog bone-shaped Christmas stockings for dogs tutorial. But it’s a little bit of a complicated sewing project. I’ve been sewing since I was in middle school, but I know not everyone has those tools. So thanks to your requests, I created a NO-SEW version of your favorite dog Christmas stocking!

Can I be honest? I actually like the no-sew dog stocking better! I used an on-trend teddy bear sherpa fleece because it hides a lot of imperfections and glue lines.

labradors with Christmas stockings for dogs

On Christmas morning you don’t want your furry friends to be left out of the gifting fun! I always like to get my dogs special holiday-inspired dog treats like these from Bocce’s Bakery. A personalized stocking is the perfect place to stash all the tasty treats and new toys that will make Christmas morning memorable for you and your dog.

Out of the two Christmas stockings for dogs that I have DIY tutorials for, I would recommend you try this one because it’s super-easy to make and quick to put together. If you want something that’s going to last a lifetime and be more durable, you can always make the reversible sewn dog stockings next holiday season.

personalized Christmas stockings for dogs

No-Sew Christmas Stockings For Dogs Tutorial

This DIY is so simple, you only need a few supplies that are available at a craft store like Joann. I chose to use an on-trend teddy bear sherpa fleece in a classic camel beige color because it’s so timeless. I can see this fitting in with my holiday decor for years to come!

But there are a lot of fabrics to choose from to make the perfect stocking for you and your pup. I recommend that you use something that has a thick texture like this because it will hide imperfect cutting and the glue line. If you use a thin cotton fabric for this dog stocking it will be too flimsy and the glue line may show. Stick with something like a sherpa, fleece or this teddy bear fabric.


supplies to make your own DIY dog Christmas stocking

To make the dog bone shape, I followed the DIY pattern tutorial in this blog post. I used scrap paper and a small snack bowl to trace circles for the ends of the bone. You will need 2 circles on each end. I like to overlap them a little to give it a smooth curve at the top and bottom. Then I used a straight ruler to create the edges of the bone stocking.

TIP: If you have a small dog, you might want to make them a small stocking. Just use a small jar to trace smaller circles for the dog bones. For my large labradors, I made their stockings about 18″ long from top to bottom.

trace your dog bone shape to make this small stocking

cut out your dog bone shape with a rotary cutter or scissors

Once you have your dog bone drawn out on paper, pin the template to 2 layers of fabric and cut it out. I used a rotary cutter but scissors will work for this, too.

Next, get out the fabric glue. I used Liquid Stitch. Although I’ve been sewing most of my life, this was my first time using liquid stitch and I was so impressed by it! Just follow the instructions on the packaging to apply a thin strip of glue around the dog bone shape. Make sure you leave the top open so you can put gifts inside the stocking!

liquid stitch to DIY a custom dog bone stocking

making a no-sew pet stocking

While the fabric glue is setting you can make a personalized name tag with you dog’s name. I used a small piece of felt to cut out an ornament shape. With a white paint pen, draw cute ornament-style designs and write your pet’s name. Make sure to cut a small hole in the top of the ornament so you can attach it to the finished stocking.

felt name ornament for dog's stocking

this cute felt ornament is the perfect stocking add-on

The finishing touch: All you need to do to finish these pet Christmas stockings is attached the ornament to the dog bone. I cut a small hole in the top left corner of the bone and used a small piece of white yarn to attach the ornament to the bone. Tie a knot and you’re ready to hang it on the fireplace mantle for Christmas morning! 

Now your dog has their own stocking with plenty of room to stuff full of extra love (aka TREATS!)

where to cut to attach your dog's name ornament to stocking

This Dog Stocking is a Great Gift for Dog Lover Friends

What do you think? Will you try making these DIY no-sew Christmas stockings for dogs? It’s a great project to display in your own home or to make as Christmas gifts for your favorite dog lover friends!

Since it’s handmade, this stocking can be customized to suit your friend’s Christmas decor and personalized with their pup’s name. You might want to give it a festive touch with classic red plaid fleece or go with something funky like a mustard-colored teddy bear fabric.

Our dogs are a member of the family, so they should have their own festive stockings! Although you can find something basic at a pet store, this DIY no-sew version is going to be your family’s favorite Christmas stocking for sure! If you want something more professional looking, here’s the original sewing tutorial for my dog-bone shaped stocking.

no sew Christmas stockings for dogs


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