My dream has always been to wake up each morning and spend the day with my dog. Through this blog I have found a way to make my dream a reality! There are tons of dog moms out there just like me – stylish, creative girl bosses who want to be around their dogs as much as possible. Would you love to work alongside your pup every day, too?

This podcast introduces you to cool, creative women who are making it work with their dogs!

There are women all over the world who are inspired by the joy, fun and pure love that their dogs bring to their lives. These women have named their companies after their pups, created products to help them, and raised money to help other pets in need. If working alongside your dog is your dream, you will love their stories! You can listen right now on Apple Podcasts or your favorite podcast player. Get more details on each episode below.


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Podcast Episode 54: How to Sell Without Being Salesly

Podcast Episode 54: How to Sell Without Being Salesly

Welcome to Wear Wag Repeat Podcast Episode 54: How to Sell Without Being Salesy. No matter what you do in the pet industry, you have a business and that means you’re trying to sell something to someone. I hear from people all the time that they don’t want to appear...

You Need Tori in Your Life

Tori has an amazing podcast about female entrepreneurs who work with pets. DREAM JOB! She’s also a fashionista, actress and fabulous dog mom. Her podcast is my favorite because she’s inspiring women to work with animals and helping pave the way with each interview she does. -Ramsey Timmons

Inspired Conversations!

Tori is such a great host and has really created an inspiring podcast that all dog parents and pet-related business owners should hear!

Great Listen & Learn

WWR is such a great listen. Tori has a way of interviewing folks that encourages their excitement to shine through. That excitement draws the listener in to learn about the interviewee and their amazing skills and ideas. And it’s all centered around one of my favorite topics, dogs! Thank you so much for creating this podcast and putting in all the work you do. – Brit

Fun and Informative

Tori is the perfect talent to bring this captivating podcast to life! She knows her audience well and gives the listener fresh, dynamic content from the modern dog owner’s perspective. -DOOG USA

So Much Fun!

I’m so glad I found this show! As a creative entrepreneur (and mom to a Goldendoodle) I’m always looking to find more members of my tribe. Tori is such a great host: she’s genuine, personable and so charismatic!  -Savannah Hayes

Entrepreneurs + Their Dogs

Dogs are such an important part of our lives. I love that dogs inspired these entrepreneurs, and the conversation around that. -DogGoneAdventure



Very interesting!

It’s always cool to hear how a business begins and the fact that these businesses involve dogs makes it even better. The 30 minute run time of these means they’re perfect for my cardio sessions at the gym. -MiPiaceITunes

Pawty Time!

I love listening to podcasts while walking my dog. Until I found this fun new podcast I didn’t know I could walk my dog while being inspired by other fabulous and successful dog moms. I’m three episodes in already and can’t wait for more. -SVD007


I love this new podcast! What a great concept and very well executed. Tori is a thougthful, smart, and talented interviewer and I’m enjoying the women’s stories so far. -mchappell



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With my amazing line up of guests we’re discussing topics like how they took the leap from a “standard” job to a job that embraces being a crazy dog lady. You’ll find out about favorite places they go with their dog. And there are plenty of heartwarming and funny stories in each episode. I know a lot of women who are inspired by their dogs are also passionate about giving back to dog related causes. So, we’ll also be talking about amazing non-profits that are improving dog and their human lives all around the world. Since juggling the demands of work and dog can be ruff, I’m also asking these women about their best productivity tips so we can do the work and get outside with our dogs!

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So Fun!

Finally, there’s a podcast for all the things I love: dogs, fashion and business! Tori is a wonderful host and has found fun people to hear stories from. Love it. -Magzmade

Morning Inspiration

I love hearing about cool women entrepreneurs with dogs that work from home like me! Super fun and inspiring! -HelenB

Dog Moms + Business - yes you can do it

Just listened to the first three episodes. I really enjoyed hearing the stories of how three women had built successful businesses inspired by and including their dogs. Inspired and subscribed!!! -MaggieLovesOrbit

Do you know someone who would be a great guest on my podcast?

Dog moms gotta stick together! Email me all about this cool, creative woman (maybe it’s you!). I record podcast interviews over Skype, so I can talk to women anywhere in the world. Send your info to tori [at] wearwagrepeat [dot] com with “Another Dog Mom For Your Podcast!” in the subject line.

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