The Best Holiday Gifts for Dog Moms + Dogs

It’s my favorite time of year again… gift guide season! For me, it’s hard to resist clicking on a gift guide post, especially when it’s a guide to the best holiday gifts for dog moms, dog lovers, or the dogs themselves! I love to discover what everyone has on their dog mom wish list. So of course, I love putting together my own guide that includes everything from the best dog toys and treats to stylish holiday collars and apparel that makes you say, “we need that!”.

Everything in this Christmas gift guide has been personally LAB tested by Burt and Lucy and given my dog mom seal of approval. You’ll find that there are a lot of unique dog mom gift ideas, and there’s also a lot of things you’re going to want as a “treat yo’self” gift!

UPDATE: Check out the 2020 Gift Guide for Dog Moms and Their Dogs!

The Best Holiday Gifts for Dog Moms 2019

This post contains both sponsored and affiliate links. At Wear Wag Repeat I only write about products I truly love and always give my honest opinion. 

The Best Holiday Gifts for Dog Moms + Dogs

When you’re making your Christmas list (and checking it twice) make sure you’re picking items for your favorite dog moms and their pups! I’m really excited to feature tons of great gifts for dog lovers that will make this time of year extra special. There are cozy gifts and ones to help your dog shine through the season. And since Burt and Lucy had a lot of say in this gift guide, there’s lots of delicious treats, chews and even frozen yogurt! Ho, ho, ho!

Our Favorite Holiday Dog Collar and Leash

UpCountry makes beautiful, stylish and sturdy collars and leashes. They’re our go-to for daily adventures, so I love to update the styles to reflect the season. This holiday season, we picked out two new dog Christmas collars that will look great all winter. Burt looks so dapper in the red and black Buffalo Check Dog Collar and leash set. Since Lucy loves the snow, she’s wearing the Pinecones Dog Collar and leash that features beautiful snow-dusted pine cones. I love how the light blue background pops on her fur!

UpCountry holiday dog collars and leashes

Since these are by UpCountry I know they will look beautiful for many winter seasons to come! Ribbon collars and leashes are made from high-tensile strength nylon webbing with sewn on polyester/nylon ribbons that are stain and fray resistant. Truly, designed to last a lifetime!

Shop these designs and other holiday-inspired styles in the Sleigh Ride Collection.

The Best Holiday Gifts for Dog Moms 2019

UpCountry holiday dog leash and collars

Dog Treat and Chew Subscription Box

Looking for a holiday gift that your dog will really love? Look no further than Real Dog Box! Sign up for a subscription and you’ll get a box of all-natural chews and treats every month. Real Dog Box is also doing a special holiday promotion for their super chew Lamb Femur! Super Chews are built to last multiple chew sessions of at least 30 minutes each. This means your dog gets a jaw workout and mental challenge all in one. And you get some quiet time to yourself!

Burt and Lucy go crazy when Real Dog Box arrives at our door each month. As much as they enjoy eating everything, I really enjoy the surprise of what we get each month and the info card that tells me where everything is sourced from.

>> New members that sign up with our link get free treats in their first box!

Real Dog Box dog treat subscription

Fashionable and Fun Dog Tags for the Holidays

Are you looking for the best fashionista dog mom gift? I highly recommend checking out Rebel Dawg! The dogs have been wearing their beautiful acrylic dog tags for a couple of years and I plan on growing our collection. Rebel Dawg is always releasing new designs and they really outdid themselves with this holiday collection! For the dog mom who has everything… she doesn’t have these dog Christmas tags yet because they just came out!

Each tag is made just for you in Brooklyn with hand-poured acrylic. That means you can customize almost everything with your dog’s name and your number. You can also personalize your pet’s tag with a free mini charm that comes in 15 different shapes and colors!

Rebel Dawg Christmas dog tag

Rebel Dawg Hanukkah dog tag gift

The holiday tag collection includes unique designs for Christmas, Hanukkah (and Thanksgiving). For Lucy I went with “I Ate Santa’s Cookies” and Burt got the delightful “Oy To The World!“.

We also got to preview the brand new mirror portrait tags! Not only can these be worn as ID tags on your dog’s collar, but they make fabulous ornaments and I plan on clipping them to my purse for the rare occasions that I leave home without Burt and Lucy. Reach out to Rebel Dawg to custom order these puppies!

Rebel dog portrait dog tags

The Dogs’ Favorite Stuffed Toy

Earlier this year I was on a mission to find a replacement for one of Lucy’s beloved stuffies who was on the verge of disintegrating! She loves nuzzling and cuddling with really big stuffed toys. I had a feeling these fleece stuffed toys would be a big hit, and I was right! When I gave Lucy a HuggleFleece Men from HuggleHounds it was like love at first sight! They’re inseparable now.

I think there’s nothing better than a nice big supersized toy under the Christmas tree. Unwrap this present first and it will give your dog something to play with while everyone else gets a turn to unwrap!

holiday gifts best dog toys

In addition to their fun appearance, HuggleFleece Men are also really practical. The material was developed by HuggleHounds just for their toys! It’s naturally hypoallergenic, stain-resistant, and moisture-wicking. So if your dogs takes their new guy out in the snow, he’ll survive!

Find this toy at independent pet supplies shops around the country! HuggleHounds also has an amazing collection of Christmas dog toys that are redesigned and refreshed every year. Some of the new designs feature a little shimmer and sparkle.

Christmas toys for dog

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Holiday and Christmas Dog Treats

Bow Wow Beauty Shoppe in San Diego has you covered when it comes to Christmas cookies for your pup! You know they want to share your cookies, so why not get them their own special selection? Bow Wow Beauty Shoppe’s dog bakery collection was created with Veterinary guidance and endorsement to ensure that their recipes are healthy, human-grade, and all ingredients are USDA/FDA approved.

Bow Wow Beauty Shop Dog Christmas Treats

Bow Wow Beauty Shoppe Christmas Cookies

For a Christmas dog treat gift, I love the Dog Candy that comes in a pawfectly giftable box. The treats inside are peanut butter flavored, grain-free 2 inch treats that will make your pup go Bow Wow! Burt and Lucy wanted to snatch the whole box. I gave them each one for being so good during all these photos and they both immediately ran in opposite directions to eat their precious treats in peace!

If you’re hosting a holiday puppy pawty (you are…. right?!) then order one of the dog treat cookie trays! They come packaged really beautifully and would be the perfect thing to add to your holiday buffet. And if any people eat them by accident, just tell them the ingredients are human-grade!

Bow Wow Beauty Shoppe Dog Treats

A Stylish Gift for Labrador Moms (+ Doodle, Pittie and Bostie moms, too!)

After all the prepping, shopping, baking and wrapping you’re gonna need a nap! Or at the very least a night curled up with Netflix and your pup. Make sure that you have a stylish and comfy pillow to cuddle up with. This premium lab pillow in the Wear Wag Repeat shop is made of linen feel moisture-wicking fabric (to resist drool!) with a shape-retaining poly-fill insert.

One side features a smiling labrador and the other features a coordinating all-over print. This print has been hand illustrated exclusively for Wear Wag Repeat by HEW+Co., a dog mom-owned design studio in Nashville, TN.  It adds the pawfect touch to any room and gives you a great excuse for a power nap with the dog. Also available in Doodle, Boston Terrier and Pit Bull.

Gifts for Dog Moms: Labrador Pillow

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The Best Twinning Dog Mom Gift

Have you ever seen anything as fabulous as this twinning look from Goldpaw? I know it’s extra… but so are we! Burt and I are never wearing anything else all winter! Goldpaw’s new dog onesie is unbeatable as pajamas and also perfect for the next polar vortex on it’s own or under a waterproof coat. It’s made of super-luxe Stretch Fleece (a Goldpaw signature fabric). It’s so comfy that Burt really didn’t want to take it off!

GoldPaw leopard onesie

I love how insanely cute he looks in this outfit! But what I love even more is being able to match with him in my very own Stretch Fleece Human Wrap. This fabric is so soft and snuggly, plus the wrap has two big pockets where I can stash poo bags for a quick walk or the TV remote for when we cozy up for a holiday movie.

Gold Paw dog onesie and matching dog mom wrap

Twinning looks are really big for dog moms right now! So if you have a sister, aunt or friend who’s truly obsessed with her dog, this matching look is the perfect gift! Bonus points… Goldpaw is woman-owned and dedicated to protecting our planet. They use recycled materials in their textiles, have biodegradable cassava packaging and team up with 1% For The Planet to focus on reforestation. Looking good and doing good! Goldpaw ticks off every box!

GoldPaw Dog mom twinning christmas gift idea

Our Favorite Dog Treat Recipe Book

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the dog mom who loves to make her own dog treats? You can’t give her anything store bought! Instead, order a copy of Proud Dog Chef by our friend Melissa of Proud Dog Mom. This cookbook is the ultimate collection of healthy dog treats that are bound to make even the pickiest pup’s tail wag.

In the book, Melissa gives us 60 gluten-free and grain-free recipes that range from biscuits and pupcakes to jerky and veggie chips. There’s even a section dedicated to holidays including Christmas dog treats. The book also makes for an excellent bedtime story for your pups, as you can see here!

Create a Proud Dog Chef gift bundle when you order this book alongside dog-themed cookie cutters and silicone baking molds.

Proud Dog Chef dog cook book

Frozen Dog Treats Make Great Gifts

Baby it’s cold outside… bring the frosty vibes inside no matter what the weather is like outside with frozen yogurt from The Bear and The Rat! Unlike ice cream for humans, these frozen yogurt dog treats are formulated specifically for your pup. With quality ingredients like real peanut butter, pumpkin, bananas and digestive enzymes all it takes is one lick for Lucy and Burt to give their drool of approval!

The Bear and the Rat for the holidays

In our opinion, this is the best frozen dog treat out there because of the digestive enzymes and high quality ingredients. It’s also really fun to give to your dog when you hold the container for them. That shared experience means not only is this a fun gift, but it also helps you create memories together.

I love that four fro-yo containers come in a box together because it makes it so giftable! I grabbed a few boxes for Burt and Lucy to taste test. So far we’ve tried Banana and Peanut Butter, Pumpkin and Cinnamon and plain Goat Milk.

The Bear and the Rat stocking stuffers for dogs

The Bear and the Rat is available at pet supplies shops all over the country AND you can also pick it up at Whole Foods (hear all about that in my podcast interview with co-founder Meg Meyer). So when you’re picking up all the ingredients for your holiday meals, make sure to hit the frozen aisle and grab a special gift for your dog!

The Bear and the Rat dog frozen yogurt

All Natural Dog Friendly Holiday Scented Candle

One of the best gifts for anyone on your list is a candle. Especially a holiday scented candle! Before you grab one at any big box store, did you know that most candles aren’t safe to burn around dogs? That’s because our dogs have such an amazing sense of smell. The artificial chemical fragrances in many candles are too strong for them.

This year, order candles that are dog friendly and smell great thanks to all natural essential oils. In the Wear Wag Repeat you can choose from four scents including Fir Baby which smells like a Douglas Fir tree. Not only does the smell put you in the holiday spirit, but the label will bring a smile to your face whenever you see it on your mantle! Available in the Wear Wag Repeat Shop. 

Fir Baby Dog Lover Christmas Candle

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Shine Bright with a Light Up Dog Harness

What could be a better gift than one that encourages you to take more walks with your dog? It’s proven that walking your dog actually extends your life! So consider the Headlight Harness the gift that keeps on giving because it makes it safer to walk your dog when it’s dark out. In the winter it gets dark before 5pm around these parts!

Headlight Harness dog christmas gift

This harness was created by a dog mom who wanted something to make her early morning and evening walks safer for her and her dog. It features reflective tape all around every edge plus a bright LED “headlight” on the chest. The light will illuminate where you’re walking and all the reflective details make sure your dog is seen by passing cars from every angle.

Headlight Harness holiday gift idea

On the Wear Wag Repeat Podcast, I got totalk to Marilyn Pianelli who created the harness alongside her husband. It was fun to learn that they have a Headlight Harness to fit every pet from a little yorkie all the way up to a horse!

Please watch for my Instagram stories of Lucy wearing her pink Headlight Harness out on walks. You’re going to love how visible it is out on the streets! Just look how it glows in my living room!

Headlight harness light up dog walking gift

Take Your Bully Stick Game To The Next Level

Bully sticks are a surefire way to your dog’s heart! They’re delicious and also great for cleaning plaque and tartar from your dog’s teeth while keeping them mentally engaged in a long-lasting activity. The only downside to bully sticks is that they can become a choking hazard when your dogs chews them to the end.

That’s where the Bully Buddy from Bow Wow Labs comes in! This handy device has a simple screw in one end that you tighten to hold the bully stick in place. Burt and Lucy were more than happy to test this out and I was really interested to see how it worked.

Bully buddy makes bully sticks last longer

Even with Burt’s power jaw, the super durable plastic did not scratch, dent or chip at all! That’s very impressive! When Lucy played with the Bully Buddy, she instinctually used her front paws to hold it in place. It’s fun to see how they have different styles when it comes to chews.

What makes the Bully Buddy a really great gift idea for any dog mom is that it comes in a bunch of different sizes (when in doubt, size up!) and it also comes in a starter kit complete with bully sticks and a perfectly sized resealable jar that looks great on your kitchen counter!

Bully Buddy Bow Wow Labs

Bully Stick helper dog gift ideas

Did you find the perfect gift for your favorite dog mom?

I hope this guide to the Best Holiday Gifts for Dog Moms helped you figure out what to get for all the dog lovers on your gift list! I bet you also found a few things for yourself, too. One of the things I love about this year’s guide is that Burt and Lucy picked out a lot of the gifts. I love that we have equal parts gifts for dog moms and gifts for dogs. That’s just part of being a dog mom, we always put our fur babies first!

Easy reference links to all these gifts:
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Wear Wag Repeat Labrador Pillow
Goldpaw Onesie and Matching Wrap
Proud Dog Chef Cookbook
The Bear and the Rat Frozen Yogurt
Fir Baby Dog Friendly Candle
Headlight Harness
Bully Buddy

Opening Christmas Presents with dogs

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Best Holiday Gifts for Dog Moms

Best Holiday Gifts for Dog Moms Best Holiday Gifts for Dog Moms





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