Style + Home Tips for Dog Moms

Looking for the most stylish dog walking outfits? How about dog mom approved tips to keep the dog hair to a minimum in your home? I work hard to research the best products and trends for stylish dog moms to find things that I can really stand behind.

Podcast Episode 25: Creating An Online Shop

Welcome to Wear Wag Repeat Podcast Episode 25: Creating an online shop! I'm so excited to share the Wear Wag Repeat Shop with you! I've been thinking about this concept since March and diligently working on it all Summer so it's with a lot of nervous excitement that I...

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Customizable Dog Mom Shoes from Soulmates Collection

Do you ever wish you could show off your love of your dog more than you already do? I have bracelets and necklaces that remind me of Lucy, I have a shirt with her face on it, and my house is covered in dog art. But you know what I didn't have? Custom dog mom shoes...

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Podcast Episode 22: Isa Zapata of Soulmates Collection

Welcome to Wear Wag Repeat Podcast Episode 22: Isa Zapata of Soulmates Collection is an inspiring artist and dog mom who used her love for her dogs, and really her entire positive outlook on life, to create a collection of wearable dog mom art. She talked to me about...

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Why You Need a Belt Bag To Walk The Dog

Yes... you read that right. I'm wearing a fanny pack! But it's not a fanny pack, it's actually my new favorite dog walking accessory and I'm referring to it as a belt bag. Join me on my new favorite trend! Let's start a revolution rebooting the Fanny Pack! Read on to...

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Dog Mom’s Day with Seagram’s Escapes

How do you plan to celebrate Dog Mom's Day this weekend? Maybe you'll be hanging solo with your pup. Or perhaps you'll invite over some puppies and puppy mama friends to celebrate together. However you roll, I have some great ideas for making it a Dog Mom's Day party...

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4 Stylish Gifts For Dog Mom’s Day

I recently found out that Dog Mom's Day is happening on Saturday, May 12th - the day before traditional Mother's Day. According to the press release, this"day will emphasize respect for all moms and their right to showcase the love of their kids – fur or not." I, for...

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My Pink Door and New Love Sign

One of my favorite things I've done at my house is paint my front door pink! It is just so me! Let me tell you a little story about how long this has been coming. Back in grade school I went to a very strict private school with uniforms. We had to wear exactly what...

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Dog Mom Shopping Night at One Brilliant Boutique

Have you ever stumbled upon a cute little boutique that carries such a great selection that you end up with about 30 things in the dressing room? That's what happened to me at One Brilliant Boutique. Then I found out the owner, Erika, is a dog lover! I was sold!...

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Shopping For A Stylish Dog Treat Jar

Sometimes you update your decor because you feel like it, other times you're kind of forced into it. I had a dog sitter staying with Lucy earlier this year and when I got home the treat jar we'd had for over 5 years was broken. It wasn't valuable or really even...

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Posing With My Dog in The Sabika Spring Look Book

Lucy is getting accustomed to seeing her beautiful brown eyes in print lately! In case you missed it, we had the pleasure of being featured in Whirl Magazine's event guide issue with a really fun photo! This month a second publication came out with a little feature on...

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Looking Back at 2017: Best of Wear Wag Repeat

I have been meaning to write a recap post to reflect on everything I accomplished with Wear Wag Repeat in 2017. It was a major year for me, my blog and Lucy, too! Check out my most popular posts from the blog and Instagram and read to the very end to find out what my...

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Podcast Episode 10: Jeannie North of Ripley & Rue

Welcome to Wear Wag Repeat Podcast Episode 10: Jeannie North of Ripley & Rue is talking to us about the diverse background that lead her to create a dog accessories boutique. Hear how she scaled her business through outsourcing and online tools, plus meet her...

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12 Must Have Gifts for Stylish Dog Moms

I'm so excited to bring you the Official Wear Wag Repeat Gift Guide with 12 must have gifts for stylish dog moms! Lucy and I personally tried every item here and have determined that they are some of the best gifts of the season. As I was thinking about what stands...

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Gift Guide for Extravagant Dog Lovers

One of my favorite things about the holidays (AKA gift guide season!) is browsing the most over the top, extravagant gifts in the Neiman Marcus catalog or on various blogs. Monogramed Mercedes... why not? Trip to the Moon... can my dog come? Portrait session with...

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