The Best Jobs for Dog Lovers

Do you dream of working with dogs? There are tons of options from part-time hustles to lifelong careers that allow you to spend more time with dogs or even work alongside your own dog! In this post, I outline 15 of the best jobs for dog lovers.

One thing I’ve noticed as I interview over 100 women in the pet industry on my podcast is that people who work with dogs have huge hearts! This is one of the most compassionate industries that you can be a part of. So, why not make a positive change in your life and discover a job that allows you to make money while working with dogs!

the best careers for dog lovers

15 Jobs for Dog Lovers

When you put your whole heart into your job sometimes it can be hard to turn it into a profitable business. Under most of these dog jobs, I’ve linked to podcast episodes that feature women who have taken their dog passion and turned it into a real business.

Some of these are jobs you can do with your dog and others will allow you to meet lots of new dogs. Read on to find which pet industry career is right for you!

Which pet industry career is right for you?

Dog Trainer

One of the first careers I think of when it comes to working with dogs is a dog trainer! Being a dog trainer can make a huge positive impact on people’s and pets’ lives. It can be so rewarding to teach people how to better communicate with their pups. You can also have a lot of fun working with dogs to learn tricks or useful skills.

Although you might think that dog training is all about communicating with dogs, it’s important that you’re good at communicating with people, too. That way you can pass on your expertise so your students are on their best behavior anywhere they go.

To become a dog trainer you should take courses based on the science of animal behavior and familiarize yourself with the latest knowledge on positive reinforcement dog training (like in this book by Victoria Schade). From there you can get hands-on experience working with dogs at a local shelter or dog training facility and work towards a CPDT title from the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers.

Want to learn more about being a dog trainer? Listen to these podcast episodes:
Episode 68: The Business Side of Dog Training with Veronica Boutelle of DogBiz
Episode 77: Creating an Online Dog Training Course with Stacie Bowers of Curious Canines

Dog Sitter

Many people rely on dog sitters to take care of their fur babies while they travel for work or go on vacation. There’s nothing like the peace of mind knowing that a responsible person is back at home taking care of your dog just like you would! Dog sitters either stay in the pet’s home or look after someone’s pet at their own home. Either way, it’s really important that a dog sitter is organized, clean and has a flexible schedule.

To be the best dog sitter you can be, you should familiarize yourself with general dog health, nutrition and behavior for a variety of breeds. To prepare yourself for anything that might happen while watching someone’s dog, you should also complete a pet first aid course including pet CPR. The Red Cross offers an online pet first aid course and even has an app!

Want to learn more about being a dog sitter? Listen to these podcast episodes:
Episode 42: Building a Pet Sitter Community with Ramsey Timmons of PetPawneur
Episode 78: Kristin Morrison of Six-Figure Pet Sitting Academy

Dog Walker

Being a dog walker is a great job for dog lovers because the hours can be adjusted to your lifestyle and needs. You can pick up just 1 client that you walk a few times a week, or you can fit in many walks per day, do pack walks, specialize in dog runs… you name it! This job can be what you want to make of it!

To be a dog walker, you need to be physically fit enough to handle big or small dogs. You should be familiar with basic obedience and leash skills and know how to put on different harnesses and training collars (like a gentle leader or front clip harness). To get started as a dog walker, you can sign up on an app like Rover or you can ask around to friends and family and establish your own business.

Just like being a dog sitter, when you’re walking someone else’s dog it’s good to be over-prepared. It’s a good idea to take a pet first aid course and be familiar with the health needs of different breeds. Oh, and make sure you have a really good poop bag holder!

Want to learn more about being a dog walker? Listen to this podcast episode:
Episode 52: How to Monetize What You Know with Adina Silberstein of Queenie’s Pets

Guide Dog Puppy Raiser

Are you looking for a unique way to work with dogs? Considering being a guide dog or service dog puppy raiser for an organization such as Guide Dogs of America. Being a puppy raiser means that you’re preparing a future working dog for the world and their responsibilities. It’s an extremely important part of the guide dog or service dog program and has a lot of support built into it. You’ll learn about dog training, obedience, socialization and how to familiarize the puppies with the outside world.

Puppy raisers are volunteers, but they are compensated with a lot of love and dog joy! What’s great about this dog job is that it’s open to people of many different lifestyles (single, families, urban, rural) – as long as you can take the dog most places with you. The hardest part will be saying goodbye to your puppy when they go on to their next chapter, but you can find comfort in the fact that they will go on to help someone with a disability live a better life.

jobs that let you work with your dog

Therapy Dog Team

A great job that you can do with your own dog is to become a certified therapy dog team. I did this with my dog Lucy and now we volunteer a few times a month at a local veteran’s center. Just like being a puppy raiser, this is a volunteer job but you’ll be generously compensated in all the love and appreciation you and your dog get on the job.

To become a certified therapy dog your dog needs to know basic obedience, or pass the AKC Canine Good Citizen test, and go on to pass the therapy dog test. They need to be great at stay and be unphased by wheelchairs, walkers or a crutch that might fall on the floor. Two of the harder things on the test include your dog being comfortable while you leave the room for several minutes and then walking them past a bowl of food on the floor without lunging at it.

We got our certification through Therapy Dogs International. They also connected us with facilities and volunteer positions.


Another great job for dog lovers is being a groomer. Dog groomers can work in a variety of places such as pet stores, grooming salons, in pet’s homes or even in a mobile grooming van. A love of dogs is the most important requirement because you’ll learn a lot of the skills on the job. Most aspiring dog groomers will apprentice at their new shop for 4-6 weeks when they start out.

Dog grooming can be an extremely creative job. In addition to typical washing and trimming, some groomers get wild with colorful pet-safe dyes and hairstyles that look like a sculpture!

Want to learn more about being a dog groomer? Listen to these podcast episodes:
Episode 72: Creating a Successful Brick and Mortar Pet Business with Bow Wow Dog Bakery’s Leel Michelle
Episode 40: Pursue Your Pet Dream Job with Shannen Standiford of Pups on the Coast 

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Dog Treat Baker

Do you love to bake, be creative and make tails wag? Being a dog treat baker is a fun job you can do with your dog to share the love! Gourmet, healthy and beautiful handmade treats, pupcakes and birthday cakes are all the rage for pet parents. As a dog treat baker you can come up with fun creations for different holidays to keep your customers coming back. Use tools like fun shaped silicone baking molds to get beautiful treats every time!

To do this job, you need to know what ingredients are safe for dogs and which aren’t. Dog treats should look good, taste great and be healthy for our pups! When you’re getting started, try selling your treats at local farmer’s markets, maker fairs or at your local pet supplies store. And of course, make sure to take lots of fun photos to promote your brand on Instagram!

Want to learn more about being a dog treat baker? Listen to this podcast episode:
Episode 49: Creating a Style Savvy Dog Bakery with Jen Mello of Spotted Dog Bakery

jobs where you get to work with dogs

Doggy Daycare

Working at a doggy daycare is a dream job for someone who has a lot of energy and loves to play with dogs all day. The hours can be long and you’ll have to clean up after the dogs, but you’ll also get to have a ton of fun tiring them out! Working in a doggy daycare you’ll get to interact with tons of different dogs, so it’s important that you’re familiar with the behavior traits of a variety of different breeds.

You’ll spend your days supervising playtime, giving belly rubs and doing lots of cleaning. Doggy daycares usually wash tons of blankets, towels and toys every day to keep everything fresh and clean for the pups.

Want to learn more about the doggy daycare business? Listen to this podcast episode:
Episode 23: Candace D’Agnolo of Pet Boss Nation

Work at an Animal Shelter

If you have a huge heart for dogs, then you might want to work at an animal rescue. The stories you hear and dogs that you meet with definitely tug at your heartstrings, but you will make a huge impact on their lives. Dogs come into rescues for all sorts of reasons, so you’ll need to be flexible and ready to lend a hand however you can. That might include going out to pick up dogs in need, feeding, walking and caring for the dogs in the shelter’s care and helping with adoptions.

Animal shelters also need people who are good at marketing and fundraising. So you if you have experience planning events or managing social media, this would be a unique place to offer your skills and let you work with dogs.

Delivery Truck Driver

So you might not think of a delivery truck driver as a job that involves a lot of dogs… but I found a whole Facebook group dedicated to dogs that UPS drivers meet along their routes! According to the employee-run page, “UPS drivers deliver packages all day long. During each day, drivers encounter many dogs, most friendly and some not so nice. When time permits, drivers snap a photo and send it in to UPS Dogs. Our followers love the photos and the stories told as we share our love of these special relationships with these lovable creatures.”

15 careers for dogs lovers

Dog Photographer

A growing career path for dog lovers is pet photography. Being a photographer takes creative ability and lots of practice. When you add in a furry, wiggly subject it gets even more challenging! But it’s so worth it! Dog photographers capture our pets in a way that we never could on our camera phones. The images they create become a lasting way to remember our dogs for many years to come.

To become a pet photographer you’ll need to learn a lot about photography and unique skills that help you get the perfect shot of dogs. That might include going to people’s homes, traveling to unique locations or learning just the right word to get a dog’s attention.

This is a very entrepreneurial career choice, so you’ll also want to learn about pricing, sales, and marketing to make your pet photography business a success! Check out my Amazon recommendations for camera and office equipment to run your pet business.

Want to learn more about being a dog photographer? Listen to these podcast episodes:
Episode 1: Milla Chappell of Real Happy Dogs
Episode 39: Improve Your Pet Photography with Nicole Begley

jobs that let you work with dogs

Work at a Pet Supplies Store

Looking for a job that lets you meet lots of friendly dogs every day? Apply to work at a pet supplies store! Many people bring their well-behaved dogs in to shop with them, and some shops offer dog training classes or grooming. Which means you’ll get to meet even more dogs!

Working at a pet supplies store you might have to lift heavy bags of dog food, clean up accidents or help people out to their cars. I’ve met so many great people working at pet supplies stores all over Pittsburgh including photographers, rescue advocates and retired people who got the job just so that they could be around animals.

Animal Control Officer

I think the common perception for a lot of dog owners is that Animal Control Officers should be avoided at all costs. I know I don’t want to get a ticket for being off-leash! But that’s an outdated idea. They’re no longer the “dog catcher.” People who work for your local Animal Safety and Control department are trying to keep people and animals safe. They often work with all kinds of animals, from pets to wildlife. They can be called to investigate mistreated or abused animals and can end up saving their lives.

Animal control officers often work closely with local shelters to help dogs find their owners or a new family to go home with. It’s a tough job, but many people do it because they love dogs so much and want to help them however they can.

Dog Product Designer and Maker

Do you have an idea for a product that would make you and your dog’s life together so much better? I bet it would help a lot of other dog lovers, too! I’ve met so many people who have taken then dog product idea and made it a reality. They often get to spend their day alongside their own dog while they grow their business. And the best part is that their products can help dogs all over the world.

You can start simple by making bandanas or dive into the deep end and invent a better dog crate or travel bed. You know that your dog will always be there to be the official prototype tester! A great thing about pursuing this dog job is that you can start small with a side hustle and the sky’s the limit for how big you can grow it! Check out my Amazon recommendations for tools that will help you run your pet business from home.

Want to learn more about making your own dog products? Listen to these podcast episodes:
Episode 80: Making Dogs’ Lives Better with Thoughtful Bandanas with Catherine Whiteman of Three Wags
Episode 66: Creating a Successful Pet Brand with Sarah Rowe of Lion and Wolf

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Work with your dog as a blogger or influencer

Pet Blogger or Doggy Influencer

The best job you can do with your dog (I might be a little biased!) is a pet blogger and influencer. If you love sharing your life and experiences with your dog with the world then this is a great job for you. It’s important to be very self-motivated to keep up with consistent posts on your blog and social media accounts. It also helps to be a good writer and know how to take great photos of your dog (this is the camera I use).

As a pet blogger and influencer, you can make money from sponsored posts, banner ads, affiliate commissions or from selling your own products.  You’ll also be able to test out a lot of dog products and visit dog-friendly places to review on your site. One of the best parts of being a pet blogger is the community that we have. There are so many supportive people willing to help you with that tech issue you can’t quite figure out or to recommend content ideas.

Want to learn more about being a dog blogger or influencer? Listen to these podcast episodes:
Episode 88: Pet Blogging For Love and Money with Carol Bryant of Fidose of Reality
Episode 70: How to Make Your Dog an Instagram Influencer with Tori Mistick 
Episode 75: The Human Side of Being a Dog Influencer with Megan Mullins of Stumps and Rumps

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